This last Tuesday morning we heard from two of the students that we sponsored to attend the World Affairs Seminar (WAS).
The topic for discussion was WATER. Approximately 250 High School students from 20 Countries and 48 states attended this week long symposium last Summer. The WAS at Carroll University shall focus on Education & Social Justice.
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We shall soon be selecting up to 6 students to sponsor for next year.
"This was the coolest experience I've ever had." Emma, from Neenah Armstrong HS, told us that she hadn't expected to, but she made many friends including one from Norway.
Tristyn, from Menasha HS, may pursue engineering for a career. Innovative products to filter and save water were presented. There were Field trips that the students could choose from including: the Milwaukee School of Fresh Water Sciences; and the Milorganite manufacturing facility. Students worked in groups to develop their Capstone presentations.
" We have to save water!" " I want to get involved."
Both students shared that the cultural exposure made them realize how we take clean, potable water for granted ... so many people in the world cannot.